Yeesi edistää nuorten mielenterveyttä nuorten omia voimavaroja vahvistamalla.

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The application below does not obligate you into our activities. We use the form for gaining valuable information concerning your skills and interests.

We believe that youngsters mental health will be supported by strenghtening their own resources. We feel that mental health is a life skill resource and an asset. Meeting with other people, sharing your thoughts and feelings, creativity and general inner happiness all have an effect on how you feel daily. Yeesi organizes fun events and voluntary activities that are created by the young people themselves. With Yeesi young people have planned and carried out Yeesi promotions, videos, blogs, events, fun escapades, marketing materials. Youngsters will be committed when they are being supported, encouraged and given a chance to create ideas with correct tools.

That is a great way to support our cause and help us to continue organizing fun activities that enhance youngsters mental wellbeing.

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