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Short guide for the volunteer

Coordinator of Positive Action is the contact person for our volunteers. FB: Yeesin Annika, e-mail
Follow us in the social media: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter: @yeesaamaan. That's the easiest way to get updates about our activities and happenings!

We also send regularly a newsletter about our current activities to your email.

Yeesi’s Multicultural Team organizes Yeesi's activities in English! Check out more here.

We collect all of the work you have done with Yeesi in to our ”voluntary work bank”. When you are applying for a job or to study, remember to ask for your own voluntary work certificate from us! Employers will appreciate the volunteer work you have done for us and it will look good on your CV.

Our voluntary work does not include any kind of training, the best way to learn is by doing! 

Your own activity and openness is important to us. What would you like to do with Yeesi? Please do tell us and do not hesitate to contact us! Together we can find a voluntary work suitable for you.

Every deed and input to our work is valuable and we appreciate all kinds of voluntary work, whether it is following us on the social media or participating in the events! Yeesi’s values are flexibility and ”low step” (easy to access for everyone), so you can choose to do voluntary activities when it suits you best.

There are no obligations, but you are always welcome to help us!

Boost you own mental well-being!

With Yeesi you will get a chance to enhance and learn how to cherish your own mental well-being, and to helps others look after theirs. We feel that mental health is a life skill resource and an asset!

With Yeesi you will get to participate in our organized mental well-being-trainings where you can boost your own mental well-being!

As you sign up for our events or other activities, please note that it is compulsory. If you get sick or something else unexpected happens, please cancel your registration as soon as possible so we have time to find someone to replace you! Please feel sorry for us and do not cancel your registration the same day as it will give us a lot of extra work. And please no ”no shows”! Thank you! 

If you will get some classified information regarding your voluntary activity (such as passwords etc) please use them with utmost care. We have given those for you confidentially so please use them only for your voluntary activity. All of the things that are concerning contracts or money, please contact us

Thank you for being involved with Yeesi!!