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The Multicultural Team

"Getting involved with Yeesi was truly one of the best things that happened to me in Finland, thank you." - Gabriella Oturai

Interested in voluntary activities in English? 

The Multicultural Team was born in 2014, mainly due to the need for english-speaking voluntary activities place for young people. Yeesi's Multicultural Team is for youngsters originally from other countries, youngsters with first language other than Finnish, or anyone interested in multiculturalism or voluntary activities in English.

The Multicultural teams goal is to offer young people a place to expand their cultural understanding and to do voluntary activities in the community around them (in English). The aim of Yeesi is to increase the awareness amongst youths to the importance of taking care of your own mental health and well-being.

Join our group of multicultural youngsters to plan and carry out events, competitions and other activities! We are aiming to tackle some topics related to multiculturalism and mental health in our future activities.

In the past we have:
- Launched a photo contest with the theme Multicultural Finland for the Mental Health Art Week
- Written entries for the Yeesiläisten matkassa-blog: ”Life is good” and Speak your mind!
- Presented Yeesi and the Multicultural Team at the SPARK*14 event
- Organized cooking events and Christmas events
- Organized Restaurant day event
- Organized art project Speak your mind! for the Mental Health Art Week

-  Launched a photo contest with the theme What Makes You Happy?

- Launched a blog in English run by Yeesi's volunteers

 We are planning to arrange:
- Different events, like movie nights and more cooking events
- Theme days, such as mindfulness and yoga
- Activities, such as playing football together
+ Whatever you want to create!

As all of our activities are from young people to young people, we would love to hear your ideas!