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Your Mind Matters!

Riikka 3.10.2018

17th to 23rd of September 2018, Biezenmortel and Utrecht, The Netherlands.

In Erasmus+  Youth Exchange Mind Matters 30 young people from five countries got together to discuss mental health, its issues and ways to improve our own countries mental health systems. Five priority areas (stigma, peer programme, holistic approach, accessibility to services and use of experts of experience) were established and presented at the Netherlands Youth Institute. A lot of ideas, feelings and hard work!

Seven days, ten to five. Full schedule, workshops, great food and some more workshops. Everybody and every country was involved. We got to share our stories and listen to others and the opportunities to learn and grow were endless. 

Most importantly, during the week we learned a lot. About ourselves, about others and our countries. Where change needs to happen and how we are going to make it happen. Based on the five priority areas we created goals and steps to achieve them here in Finland as well.

We returned mentally and physically exhausted but hearts filled with joy. Now, the overall goal is to make it all happen. With time, effort and help. Because we deserve it, and you deserve it!

If you are interested and would like to learn more about our project  please join us in the Yeesi Cafe event on 22nd October in Helsinki. In the event we will present our ideas and action plans made during the exchange. Stay tuned on our Facebook page @yeesaamaan for more information about the event.


the Finns

Fanni, Nea, Jenna, Teresa and Riikka