Diary of Happiness!


Study Visit a.k.a in search for INSPIRATION


a divine influence directly and immediately exerted upon the mind or soul (www.dictionary.com).

Why inspiration? Because, if someone asks me how I would sum up my day with one word, this would be it!

And who am I?

I am Tina, social pedagogue coming from a small country of Europe - sLOVEnia.

I am a really curious girl with big dreams who decided to widen her horizons abroad. In last 4 weeks I have visited some organizations (Hyvärila youth center, ADHD -litto, Kohtaus), and today I visited another  one - Yeesi.

While having my morning coffee in the train station, a lovely woman called Oona picked me up from there and took me to Yeesi’s ”office”. Why office in quotes? because it is not as a normal office - it is a space of inspiration. Maybe it wouldn’t look nothing special to you at the first sight (although the corner with  colorful bean bags… ohh this corner!!).. but it´s the energy! Unwritten rule of taking off your shoes, coffee and chocolate waiting to be eaten, a lot of colors and inspirational quotes… but than again - it´s warmth of people here, which makes the room shine. There is no question here, why they decided to work in field of mental health…

Oona and her coworker Heikki welcomed me with open hands. They put a thought in this meeting with me, they set goals and they put a purpose to my stay here (although its only 2 days). But it still felt really easy-going, with no pressure or tension. Maybe this is one of their method that I don’t know about :).

One of the things I value a lot - is feeling being useful! And I did..or better, I still do. Talking with them and discussing was refreshing. My brain was on fire and I finally found the inspiration I was waiting for in last few days.

Everything I wrote so far it´s a matter of mental health. Feelings of being valued, useful, own importance, possibility to affect something or someone… And today I think I did a lot for mine -  and Yeesi was an inspiration for it.

What can I gain from this experience so far… The importance of positive approach! Because of positive approach from Heikki and Oona I felt important and inspired - and the result: my notebook is full of small ideas for my future work and also personal life, I feel light and happy (shine from the inside) and with some methods I already learned form them, I will have some resources for my future. And of course a really positive life experience, which I did´t expect.

All of this makes me feel thankful for unexpected opportunities in life and positive people in this planet who are most definitely making it a nicer place to live in!

Kiitos, Tina.


Maybe here is a challenge for you today, try out this positive approach I was writing about. How? Maybe you can choose to smile at thing/person/siuation that annoys you at the moment or write a lovely message to friend who you”forgot” about, maybe instead of complaining to your partner/friend/parent, say something nice or do a small gesture… I am sure you have more ideas. Now go on, do something positive today! You now what they say… if you give a little love, you can get a little love of your own...